At PROSPERTY, as property consultants we advise and manage real estate investments for our clients in various locations and across asset classes. Our Real estate advisors in Chennai assist companies and high net worth individuals to manage lease, buy/sell ,develop/re-develop captive residential and commercial real estate, including large or small land parcels with a clear time-bound approach, by engaging prospective buyers / investors / developers / IPCs all on a case-to-case basis.

We manage Real estate investments and funds as a Complete Real Estate Portfolio, linking it with the overall financial planning goals for the client. Our Real estate investment advisors can structure the portfolio of assets to be income generating or aggressively orient to wealth creation.

Objectives and Essence

The objective of PROSPERTY's real estate portfolio management is to ensure that the entrusted estate portfolio is managed with the best business practices and in compliance with the current legal and regulatory framework. The essence is to add value to the investment or disinvestment process with a high degree of active engagement.

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