Property Management Services

PROSPERTY as a one stop solution for the real estate sector completes its profile with tenancy management, renting services and home car. As a property management company in Chennai, Prosperty deftly handles the management of apartments, residential buildings, plots and commercial spaces taking into consideration every minute detail with a microscopic look. The specialized team systematically visits the properties for maintenance of cleanliness, payment of charges and upkeep of the properties. Prosperty as a rental agent in Chennai addresses all the needs of property owners by facilitating residential and commercial leasing. Our tenant management team in Chennai works in tandem with our property management firm to provide the best solutions for our clients.

As a rental agent in Chennai we conduct a thorough check on the profile of prospective tenants and once approved by the property owners, we facilitate the legal aspects of rental/ease agreements.

Our tenancy management or rental management services in Chennai consists of -

1. Identifying suitable tenants

2. Property preparation

3. Pricing and marketing strategy

4. Drafting and registrations of Lease agreements

5. Rental/Lease Management

6. Payment of taxes

7. Repair services

A comprehensive checklist pertaining to all the needs of the landowner and tenant is carefully chalked out, periodically maintained and updated to the property owner.

Property management value proposition –

Prosperty understands the expectation of property owners, conducts a thorough property assessment, clarifies doubts, charts a road map and confirms that the property can be managed by securing a mandate. Our tenant management company determines the best rentals for your property with the assistance of our in-house real estate research team. We promote your property through our innovative marketing strategies. Once the ideal tenant is finalized, the tenant management team drafts the rental or lease agreement between the land owner and tenant.

Our rental agency in Chennai works meticulously thereafter in collecting the rents, depositing the cheques, and laisoning with our property management firm in assisting the tenant with repairs or maintenance work in the property. The agency duly assists the owner with the payment of statutory taxes and bills.

Prosperty, in order to provide superior tenant management services, also works together with other property management firms or rental agents in Chennai. Our goal is to provide the best property management and tenant management services in Chennai to discerning property owners and set new benchmarks in this industry.

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