PROSPERTY has been operating very successfully since 2012 as real estate agents in Tamil nadu As a real estate agency, PROSPERTY has completed transactions in the form of Joint ventures and have efficiently assisted in registering of apartments for resale.Besides visible asset transactions as real estate agents,PROSPERTY as consultants and an advisory firm have structured deals for NRI investments and given advise on repatriation and capital gains.

Upon signing a mandate with the seller wishing to sell his property PROSPERTY as a broker finds a suitable buyer after sufficient meetings an interactions with the buyer and checking on clients genuinity.

PROSPERTY as a real estate agents and consultant ensures that buyers are pre-screened and financially sound to buy the property.To fulfill this goal of selling a property the firm as real estate company may adopt various means of promotion and marketing. The company as a top real estate consultant connects with its rich data base of NRI and residential HNI clients for pitching the property to prospective clients.

PROSPERTY uniquely as a real estate agency has well-informed research team that studies the market periodically for fluctuations in price and market trends. This in turn helps the real estate consultant to negotiate price on behalf of the sellers and structure deals to ensure a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

We Offering Real estate Services in Following kerala Cities-


PROSPERTY is a Real Estate Advisory and consultancy firm in Kerala offering directives for investment and research based consulting services. PROSPERTY as one of the leading Real Estate companies in Kerala offers advisory services in the real estate market, to investment trusts, family offices and to individual investors across the world.


The team at PROSPERTY specializes in property consulting and investment, matters related to taxation and audit services, legal, liaising and estate planning. We have an expert team of real estate consultant and advisors in Kerala who work closely with the owners of real estate land for sale and buyers for acquisition of property in surrounding areas of Kerala. Our Real Estate company provides advisory and portfolio management services to residential, commercial, freehold and leasehold properties. Property Consultant offers advices to investors and landlords to make right investment on property at right time. As Real estate land brokers in Kerala we also offer services related to project marketing for builders , property owners and real estate developers. To provide the best management services we work with talented and experienced real estate land brokers and agents in Kerala. We ensure that the clients get profitable advice and solutions, which enhance the value of their assets in Kerala.


PROSPERTY has a strong research team that provides high-end analysis and insights, at par with any other global credit rating and research agency in residential and commercial real estate Sector. PROSPERTY'S real estate market research services include economic and industrial profile of a city, overview of the real estate scenario, micro market information, assessment of all real estate developments in and around the micro market, drivers of demand for housing and the financial feasibility of a project. PROSPERTY as a real estate research consultancy in Kerala provides data analysis basis which real estate developers, investors, and globally diversified clients can understand the demand-supply-price trends while formulating decisions on viability of projects, buying/selling/development of properties, estimating costs, assessing investment options and credit analysis of individuals and businesses. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES -

PROSPERTY offers a gamut of real estate advisory services, customized to the clients' requirements based on its phenomenal and varied portfolio management services. Our expert advisors manage real estate investment portfolio and provide the right property advisory services. Our market research team is abreast with the evolving trends in Kerala’s real estate, funding patterns and market dynamics.


At PROSPERTY, as property consultants we advise and manage real estate investments for our clients in various locations and across asset classes. We manage Real estate investments and funds as a Complete Real Estate Portfolio, linking it with the overall financial planning goals for the client. Our Real estate investment advisors can structure the portfolio of assets to be income generating or aggressively orient to wealth creation.


PROSPERTY, as Real Estate Advisors, offers real estate funding services in Kerala through an array of impressive solutions for investors and borrowers in Real estate land deals and developments. Our principle objective is to offer easy and quick access for real estate investment and borrowing opportunities for all by using simplified and user friendly processes.


PROSPERTY as a real estate legal consultant provides competent legal opinion on property transactions and assists in drafting of customized conveyance agreements and other property documents. PROSPERTY’s legal advisory role begins at the initial stages of the deal itself, right from the verification of title documents and statutory compliances, drafting of agreement to sale, sale deed, mortgage deed, lease deed, construction agreement, memorandum of understanding, partition deeds, settlement deeds, trust deeds, Bipartite cum Tripartite Agreements and any other document depending upon the requirements of individual clients. Being property legal advisor, we also provide counseling, consultation and client representation services to clients for negotiating a just and fair agreement in property transactions.


PROSPERTY as a professional tax consultant in Kerala provides tax consultancy services in real estate transactions for both individuals and corporate. All our business clients can benefit from the experience, knowledge and expertise of our professional taxation specialists anytime during the year. At PROSPERTY, you can expect personal attention and proficient advice on all issues of real estate taxation in Kerala.

Prosperty is a Real Estate Advisory and consultancy firm in Kerala offering directives for investment and research based consulting services.We have expert teams specializing in Property consulting and investment, matters related to taxation and audit services, legal, liaising and estate planning. Investors and landlords rely on our property consultants advice on all property transactions and liaising abilities to optimize their returns on investments.

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