Prosperty has a strong research team that provides high-end analysis and insights, at par with any other global credit rating and research agency in residential and commercial real estate Sector.

PROSPERTY'S real estate market research services include economic and industrial profile of a city, overview of the real estate scenario, micro market information, assessment of all real estate developments in and around the micro market, drivers of demand for housing and the financial feasibility of a project.

The customized market research on joint development and land owner support services include site assessment, assessment of prevailing market dynamics, suggestions for an ideal development and product mix, fair price assessment, financial viability and risk factors.

PROSPERTY as a real estate research consultancy provides data analysis basis which real estate developers, investors, and globally diversified clients can understand the demand-supply-price trends while formulating decisions on viability of projects, buying/selling/development of properties, estimating costs, assessing investment options and credit analysis of individuals and businesses. The data includes that which covers publicly available as well as non-public information, gathered from experts and validated on a best effort basis.

The research team at PROSPERTY forecasts industry trends from the available information and data, presenting them to our clients with unique opinions on micro-macro and cross-sectorial linkages. To meet this end, advisors at PROSPERTY work with a network of industry experts and associations that enable the team to forecast and judge the results of our analysis with complete objectivity.

Advisory services at PROSPERTY uses the research team to predict consistent performers delivering superior return scores, in equity funds. Investors make use of our advisory services to understand and reverse investments from capital markets to real estate investments for long term and short term benefits/returns on such investment.

The portfolio analysis and valuation services evaluates the pension and provident funds for investment alternatives, enabling us highlight risks in investments and to make adequate changes to the portfolio to maximize returns.

We empower our investors to make better informed decisions on investments and makes transaction advisory services more transparent and efficient. This further enables clients to mitigate risks, take pricing decisions to generate more revenue on their investments.

Our privacy policy ensures that your contact information and other details are kept confidential and we provide you with relevant information from time to time, you may find interesting. PROSPERTY research team uses the secondary sources, journals, articles and relevant publications wherever applicable to forecast on investments.

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