Tenant Management Service

" Going out of town for a long vacation….investing into Chennai but unable to manage ….living abroad with elderly parents in Chennai…looking for suitable tenants…..hassled about repairs and sundry….Prosperty with its tenant management services offers all under one roof "

Tenant management value proposition –

Prosperty conducts a thorough need analysis of property owners and identifies motivating reasons for renting or leasing out a property. Our home management company does a thorough inspection of the property and advices the client on pending repairs and suggests improvements that may enhance the rental value of the property.

Our rental agency would then design a marketing strategy and the property is showcased to suitable tenants. Tenant verification checks are confidentially carried out before registering the lease agreement.

The rent management company collects and deposits the rental cheques on behalf of the owner. Our home care team would continue to manage the repairs and maintenance throughout the tenancy term.

The property management company conducts inventory audits and furnishes reports during possession and vacation of the property by the tenant. With our expertise in tenancy management and home care, Prosperty ensures a peaceful and productive tenancy experience for both the property owners and tenants.

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